Welcome to Snakehive

Hello and welcome to our new blog and our world here at Snakehive.  We'll be exploring topics that matter to us and we hope are of interest to you.  Be that smart phones and related technology, latest industry news, or our thoughts on gadgets, apps and accessories.   We’ll focus on ways to get more from our smartphones – covering everything from photography and music to fitness and life management, and anything else besides that can be done with a phone. 

We also believe passionately in craftsmanship and affordable, functional design and want to share our journey as a British startup.  We’ll give you behind the scenes access to running a family business and the background story that goes with the production of a long-lasting, quality phone case.  

In short, we want to spread the world that beautiful design doesn’t have to cost a fortune when it comes to well made phone cases.  We hope you’ll enjoy our regular musings. 

Until next week.

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