Mojovo Iridescent Coral Pink Back Case €“ Apple iPhone 6/6s (White Case)

£7.95 £14.95

The Mojovo Coral Pink back case is a striking, yet sophisticated case, made with robust materials to provide lasting every-day protection for you phone.

The case€™s hard shell exterior emits an eye-catching pink/red iridescence while your iPhone is held securely in place by a rubberised matt bezel.

The interior comprises of a durable white soft felt and all parts of the Mojovo case in contact with your phone are engineered to safeguard against scratches and day-to-day wear and tear.

This bespoke iPhone 6/6s case has been designed to provide full and immediate access to all your phone€™s connectivity ports and function keys. The volume and power keys are protected by the rubberised bezel without inhibiting their utility.

Buy the Mojovo Coral Pink back case to brighten up your iPhone and to feel connected to the sea.


- Beautifully designed and crafted phone protection
- Each case is unique with natural variation in the iridescent pattern
- Allows access to function keys, camera, headphone jack and charging ports
- Fits iPhone 6/6s securely
- Rubberised matt holster defends the volume and power keys
- The interior comprises of durable soft felt