Digital Advertising Specialist [Amazon]

Amazon; you’ve probably heard of it. It’s the biggest e-commerce platform in the world; nearly a third of Americans have an Amazon Prime membership; and on average those people spend nearly US$1.5k a year on the site. It’s changed the way we browse, the way we shop and the way we spend our money. It’s also central to the explosive year-over-year growth that Snakehive has experienced over the past 4 years. Amazon has thoughtfully redesigned the way we shop for the better, and it’s helping Snakehive thoughtfully redesign our everyday accessories for the better too.

That’s where you come in. This is a full-time position working in the fast-moving, fast-changing, fast-growing Snakehive digital marketing team. As the Digital Advertising Specialist at Snakehive, you’ll be the beating heart of all Amazon advertising in the company, and ultimately responsible for taking the biggest budget in the marketing team and helping to make it even bigger. You’ll be equipped with the cash, autonomy, and influence you need to take our Amazon advertising efforts from good to truly great, continuing our trend of aggressive growth on the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace. You’ll be joining an already experienced marketing team, where your ambition, intellect, and insatiable thirst for improvement will feel right at home. You’ll manage our advertising efforts across multiple marketplaces in Europe & North America, finding the delicate balance between duplicating what works, and tailoring our strategies to suit the nuances of each market. Your days will be ever-changing as we continue to harness the latest Amazon advertising technology - from Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Products, to Video in Search and Amazon’s DSP - seamlessly integrating them into a data-led strategy that maximises revenue & conversions without compromising organic sales. And you won’t be doing this alone. You’ll be working with the rest of the Amazon team to improve conversion, efficiency, and overall success, and sharing strategies with the Snakehive web team to ensure our performance advertising is best-in-class across the business. This role is central to our company’s growth plan which means you’ll be equipped with a great deal of trust, autonomy and responsibility, which will be balanced with all the support, education and tools/equipment you need to get the job done right.

But what about you? You’re a personality that’s able to understand the big picture while being detail-oriented enough to really enjoy getting into the nuts & bolts of Amazon advertising. You don’t think in silos, and understand that the best advertising is dependent on the best product pages, best product, and best insights. You’re a data nerd at heart; you love solving problems using the plethora of performance metrics at your disposal just as much as seeing the results of your work reflected in our sales & profitability. And you’re a natural team player - you understand that teamwork is a delicate recipe of trust, communication, and rigorous debate and you serve it like a Michelin Star chef. You’re meticulous, analytical, and an unrelenting force of action when it comes to solving the unpredictable problems that arise on the regular when navigating the Amazon jungle. If this sounds like you then we’re excited to hear from you, we’re gonna get on great.

The Snakehive headquarters is in Dorking, Surrey. We have a small satellite office in Battersea, London. The right candidate will be able to base themselves at whichever location they prefer, and will travel to Dorking when required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Ultimately responsible for the smooth sailing of all Snakehive advertising on Amazon, ensuring our budgets, bids, targeting & conversions are exactly where we need them to be
  • Day-to-day management of all Amazon advertising campaigns & platforms across all marketplaces in the UK & Europe, including Video in Search, Amazon DSP, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Product Display and more.
  • Development & evolution of advertising strategies for each platform, as well as an overarching plan to keep them seamlessly integrated
  • Manage performance reporting for all Amazon advertising channels, ensuring issues are escalated and KPIs are met
  • Deliver all advertising campaign development for new Amazon marketplace launches and new product launches within existing markets
  • Carry out thorough & expansive keyword research, filtering these keywords as necessary to ensure all budgets are tailored to the keywords that deliver the most results
  • Effectively target Amazon advertising efforts to drive organic rank and reduce our dependence on advertising to drive sales.
  • Implement advertising automation processes where necessary/appropriate to ensure your time is spent efficiently without losing control over important decisions
  • Collaborate with the rest of the Amazon team to ensure the clicks we earn convert as effectively as possible
  • Constantly innovate within the Amazon Advertising space, investing in new platforms, technologies & opportunities to keep us at the cutting edge.

Person Specification:

Desired Experience

  • A proven track record delivering improved revenue with more efficient budgets is absolutely essential (at least 2 years experience)
  • Hands on experience with managing Amazon advertising is not essential, but very much preferred
  • Experience with paid search channels such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads is desired, in the absence of Amazon advertising experience
  • Experience managing digital advertising campaigns across multiple international marketplaces
  • Experience with advertising automation, and a clear understanding of the pros and cons of this
  • Experience and understanding of attribution modeling and advertising analytics
  • Experience reporting on advertising performance to senior stakeholders or clients
  • Experience with not just day-to-day advertising management, but the ground-up development of highly effective advertising strategies.

Essential Skills & Knowledge:

  • Performance advertising strategy & implementation
  • Bid management, budget management & knowledge of advertising algorithms
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
  • Working knowledge of Amazon Seller Central is desired but not essential
  • Understanding of Amazon’s A9 algorithm and how paid acquisition can contribution to organic keyword ranking is desired, but not essential

Personal Qualities:

  • A hands-on, can-do attitude especially when the going gets tough
  • The ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and stay calm through it all
  • A natural team player who believes if you’re not overcommunicating, you’re under-communicating
  • A keen attention to detial. You spotted that typo, and you knew it was probably intentional.
  • An absolute nerd for numbers. You’re not satisfied with an outcome unless you know what caused it, and can prove it with cold, hard data.
  • A quick thinker who can spot problems, find solutions, and communicate them to a team within the blink of an eye
  • Curious in nature and always looking to question, learn, and look for better ways to do things
  • You relish working in a small company with a fast paced and high pressured environment and comfortable taking on lots of responsibilities
  • Proactive, confident, coupled with strong verbal and written skills
  • You’re personable, fun, and appreciate that being part of a team is about more than getting the job done

Company Culture:
Work at Snakehive is guided by the mutual understanding of a common code. This code is enforced by the 6 core qualities that describe every member of the Snakehive team.

We are...

  • Energetic – we make change happen
  • Curious - we are eager to question, know and learn
  • Challenging - we question ourselves and others to find a better way
  • Collaborative – working together brings high performance
  • Optimistic - we believe in our ability to succeed
  • Innovative - we are forward-thinking and original


  • Digital Advertising: 2 years (Preferred)

To apply to this role please email with a copy of your CV with the subject line:  Digital Advertising Specialist