eCommerce Data Analyst

Data. It’s yet another buzzword of the twenty-first century and both an invaluable resource & cumbersome waste product of our increasingly connected world. Data has changed the way we date, changed the way we shop, and even changed the outcome of political events. But data alone is useless. Businesses don’t need data, they need insight, and if that insight is a Lamborghini Mercy then smart data is the engine that separates it from the rest of the track.

At Snakehive, we’re building that Lamborghini. We’re an ecommerce business living in the world of luxury leather goods, but above all we’re in the business of data. It helps us predict the future, it helps us understand the past, and it helps us make the most of the present. Now we’re on the hunt for a Data Analyst to help us turn the plethora of data at our fingertips into powerful, actionable insights. You’ll be the brains of the organisation, making us smarter & smoother in all areas of the company, from inventory to advertising, and everything in between. But first, there’s work to do...

The first problem we need to solve is how our data is collected, queried & organised; data is only useful if it’s accessible after all. You’ll be using your knowledge of SQL, Python and Excel to take the mish-mash of data stored in various databases and centralise them in our business intelligence platform. And that’s when the fun begins.

Once organised, you’ll be responsible for taking our ecommerce data and making it useful. From developing dashboards, to modelling forecasts and automating weekly & monthly reports, you’ll quickly become our resident data mixologist, serving insights & analysis in signature style - shaken, not stirred.

But what about you? You’re a nerd for numbers and code - you’re more interested in the language Duolingo is written in than the languages it teaches. You’re a believer that smart decisions are informed decisions, and data is a central to that mentality. And you’re a natural team player - you understand that teamwork is a delicate recipe of trust, communication, and rigorous debate and you serve it like a Michelin Star chef. You’re meticulous, analytical, and unforgiving when it comes to making systems better and better - just because something is done, doesn’t mean it’s ever finished. If this sounds like you then we’re excited to hear from you, we’re gonna get on great.

Roles & Responsibilities:

This role is a two-sided coin. The first is the technical management of various databases and data sources, and the filtering of data into our business intelligence platform. Making our data available and accessible, basically. The second is the application of these data to help us make better, smarter business analysis decisions. Making our data useful & actionable, basically. We’re looking for someone special who can wear both these hats, and look good while doing it.

Data Transformation :

  • Ultimately responsible for the collection & management of all Snakehive ecommerce data, including marketplace stock allocation, sales reporting & channel performance
  • Be the guardian of our business intelligence platform (Domo), responsible for oversight of all dashboard architecture; ensuring all data is accurate, reliable, up-to-date and readily accessible
  • Automate data collection and importing into our BI platform where possible, saving time in areas where this is being done manually
  • Cleansing, blending & filtering data to ensure what’s displayed in the BI platform is complete, reliable and uncompromised
  • Development of succinct data governance processes throughout the company
  • Create database queries using SQL, ensuring teams have the right data from the right places stored & displayed in the right ways.

Data Analytics:

  • Ultimately responsible for the helpfulness of Snakehive’s ecommerce data, ensuring all departments have the data they need in the format & timeframe they need it
  • Build increasingly advanced forecasting models to help inform stock allocation by marketplace, predict seasonal sales trends, and reduce wastage from expired stock.
  • Support and educate all company departments in the proper use of data to inform business decisions, helping to create a culture of data-led decision-making
  • Collaborate with cross-company departments on business intelligence projects, helping us to become smarter & more data-driven in all areas of the business
  • Automating weekly & monthly reporting cycles to keep us informed & up-to-date on business performance against goals & KPIs
  • Create & maintain all data visualisation dashboards within our BI system

Skills & Knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge of SQL database queries and database table structures [Essential]
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel, including macros [Essential]
  • Fluent in spoken & written English [Essential]
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R [Desired]
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics [Desired]
  • Knowledge of forecasting models & methodology [Desired]
  • Familiarity with Entity Relationship Diagrams [Desired]


  • 1-2 years experience in a data transformation (Extract/Transform/Load) [Essential]
  • 1-2 years experience in a role responsible for data/business analysis [Essential]
  • Hands on experience with business intelligence platforms (e.g.Sisense, Looker, Tableau, Microsoft Dynamics, Business Objects, Domo) [Essential]
  • Experience with with data automation, querying & manipulation [Essential]
  • Experience with building data visualisations & reporting [Desired]

Personal Qualities:

  • A hands-on, can-do attitude especially when the going gets tough
  • The ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and stay calm through it all
  • A natural team player who believes if you’re not overcommunicating, you’re under-communicating
  • A keen attention to detial. You spotted that typo, and you knew it was probably intentional.
  • An absolute nerd for numbers & code. While some people dream in Spanish or French, your adventures are regaled in ones and zeros.
  • A quick thinker who can spot problems, find solutions, and communicate them to a team within the blink of an eye
  • Curious in nature and always looking to question, learn, and look for better ways to do things
  • You relish the opportunity to work in a small company with a fast paced and high pressured environment and comfortable taking on lots of responsibilities
  • Proactive, confident, coupled with strong verbal and written skills
  • You’re personable, fun, and appreciate that being part of a team is about more than getting the job done

Company Culture:

  • Energetic – we make change happen
  • Curious - we are eager to question, know and learn
  • Challenging - we question ourselves and others to find a better way
  • Collaborative – working together brings high performance
  • Optimistic - we believe in our ability to succeed
  • Innovative - we are forward-thinking and original

To apply to this role please email with a copy of your CV with the subject line:   eCommerce Data Analyst