Senior Customer Care Advisor

Dorking, Surrey

Reports to: Chief Marketing Officer

Hours: Full Time, Permanent

Your Role on the Team:

“We pride ourselves on great customer service.” 

Everyone has heard these words – they are etched on the walls and websites of pretty much every company that has ever had a customer. But as anyone who has ever tried to make an insurance claim knows: “great” customer service apparently isn’t all that great.

And that’s because it’s hard, really hard. It takes trust, humility, and the guts to put your customers before your company. It’s difficult, it’s expensive, it’s laborious. And it’s the right thing to do.

At Snakehive, we’re in the business of making people happy. We believe our customers’ lives should be that bit better after experiencing our products, our promotions, and our people. But we’re not perfect, yet. 

And that’s where you come in. This is a full-time position working in the fast-moving, fast-changing, fast-growing Snakehive Customer Care Team. As the Senior Customer Care Advisor you will be responsible for bringing our customers’ voices into the room and helping to take our customer care from good to truly great. You will guide the development of new customer care policies, you will create processes to make sure customer comments and complaints are not just heard but listened to, and you will fight to make sure the customer is at the heart of every decision we make.

But what about you? You’re the Einstein of emotional intelligence, the Henry Ford of efficiency, and you love people more than an over-excited puppy. But above all, you’re meticulous. You’re results driven and naturally look to data and technology to help you solve both customer and company problems. You love speaking to and learning from our customers just as much as you love automating solutions there’s no need to call in the first place. And you’re determined, you’re resilient, and you’re effortlessly friendly. If this sounds like you then we’re excited to hear from you!

Roles & Responsibilities

Senior Customer Care Advisor

Ultimately responsible for the smooth sailing of customer care at Snakehive, ensuring customer issues are resolved & escalated in a timely manner, and that all policies are adhered to

Work with the Chief Marketing Officer to develop and implement customer care policies that work for the customer, help the business and empower the Customer Care Team to make decisions quickly and effectively

Oversee all customer care processes and technology, ensuring time is used effectively and anything that can be automated or standardised, is.

Manage the collection and use of all customer care data. What’s the #1 reason for returns? Why are our phone-lines so busy on a Monday? You’ve got the data to ask the questions and the brains to find the answers

Make sure the phones are answered, emails are responded to, and the chat-desk is staffed. You will be overseeing this work more than doing it, but when we are high on calls or low on people you relish at the opportunity to get stuck in

Work with the logistics team to process returns and issues with shipping/customer orders

Act as the customer in the room for marketing, operational and product development projects, arming yourself with the data and insight to change things for the better

Constantly innovate, implementing new systems, processes, policies, technology and whatever it takes to make the Snakehive experience better for our customers, and to enable us to deliver customer care at the highest standard possible without breaking the bank.

Person Specification

Desired Experience

Hands on experience developing customer care best practices, whether creating new policies, implementing new technology, or developing new processes

Experience leading a customer care operation is valued

Experience in a multi-channel customer care role or roles is desirable (e.g. not just on the shop floor, but on the phones and on live chat)

Retail or ecommerce experience is highly desired

Experience with handling customer data and using this to inform policies or decisions is desired

Working knowledge of Zendesk, Front or a similar virtual customer care centre is desired

Essential Skills & Knowledge 

A proven track record of at least 2+ years experience in delivering best-in-class customer care in any environment is absolutely essential (what “best in class” means is up to you)

People skills. 

The ability to understand the subtext to what someone is saying without them saying it is absolutely critical.

Fluent in written and spoken English

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets

Personal Qualities 

A hands-on, can-do attitude especially when the going gets tough

A natural desire to help people and do the right thing, no matter what

You’re a natural-born people person, who relishes in the opportunity to take a customer from angry to amazed in the shortest path possible

The ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, while staying cool as a cucumber

A natural team player who believes if you’re not over-communicating, you’re under-communicating

A keen attention to detail. You spotted that typo, and you knew it was probably intentional.

An absolute nerd for numbers. You’re not satisfied with an outcome unless you know what caused it, and can prove it with cold, hard data.

A quick thinker who can spot problems, find solutions, and communicate them to a team within the blink of an eye

Curious in nature and always looking to question, learn, and look for better ways to do things 

You relish working in a small company with a fast paced and high pressured environment and comfortable taking on lots of responsibilities

Proactive, confident, coupled with strong verbal and written skills 

You’re personable, fun, and appreciate that being part of a team is about more than getting the job done

Company Culture

Work at Snakehive is guided by the mutual understanding of a common code. This code is enforced by the six core qualities that describe every member of the Snakehive team.

We are:

Energetic - we make change happen

Curious - we are eager to question, know and learn 

Challenging - we question ourselves and others to find a better way 

Collaborative - working together brings high performance

Optimistic - we believe in our ability to succeed 

Innovative - we are forward-thinking and original

To apply to this role please email with a copy of your CV with the subject line:  

Senior Customer Care Advisor