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Article: What's in Your Wallet?

What's in Your Wallet? - Snakehive UK

What's in Your Wallet?

A wallet is an item that holds all your important possessions: ‘a store of both identity and value’. As wallet makers, we are very interested in how our customers utilise their wallets and how the use of them has evolved over time as payment methods have changed too. Because wallets hold a key source of well-being when outside of your home environment- money- it becomes a sense of security in physical form. It makes sense that this symbolises wealth, success and ability.

The significance of what people keep in their wallet is that it tells a lot about the personality of the person, but not only that, the journey and memories it’s been on with them. From loyalty cards from different cafes to old receipts of dinners with friends, your wallet pretty much goes everywhere with you! (At least wherever you are spending money that is.)

What’s in your wallet not only shows cultural differences like currency, receipts and important cards, like blood donor cards, but it also tells a bit more about the type of lifestyle you live. A businessman might have a few business cards in their wallet, whereas a traveller may have lots of miscellaneous coins and currencies from around the world.

Generally, cards are the main item kept in a wallet. Keeping just one card in a wallet reduces the likelihood of theft vulnerability, therefore, a more cautious person may only carry one card. They may also carry emergency contact information.  

Someone carrying a lot of cash with them might be conscious of budgeting. Paying with cash helps you spend less because it stops you from purchasing impulse items. Supposedly, if you cannot pay for something with cash, you cannot pay for it at all!

A person interested in trying to motivate themselves and improve their outlook on life could keep an inspirational quote in their wallet as a reminder to keep on track and positively reinforce themselves. Keeping things in your wallet that you wish to remember is perfect as you consistently open and close it throughout your day: a photo of a loved one or a memory you don’t want to forget is always nice to be reminded of every time you use your wallet. 

The type of cards one holds in their purse or wallet also could act as a symbol of wealth and success to them. Of course, the use of wallets has changed over time, with less need for coins and more space for cards, and even more recently, the prominence of Apple Pay. Despite this, we believe nothing will take away the need for wallets. If anything, multiple stores of keeping money act as greater security and less reliability on just one method.  

We’d love to know more about what you keep in your wallet and what that says about you (even if it’s not a Snakehive one!) Send your pictures to and receive a 10% discount off your next purchase! 

We think it’s important to treasure your wallet, such an important item represents numerous aspects of your life and is treasured for years, so of course it is important to invest in a good one!



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