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4.60 Average

43 Reviews

Stephen Cooke

Very good only wish i would have like to add more letters

Andrew Mitchell

A great addition!

Eileen Tierney

Perfect personalisation. Very subtle embossed letters - classy

Fiona Cath

Clear and effective. Only 2 characters on offer though.

Amber Rhind

The location of initials could have been a little more centred to the corner but I love it all the same.


Personalisation is pretty good. Would still prefer the letters to be middle centred on the front cover though, but rose gold lettering still looks good on the left of the microphone slot.

Keith Winmill


Tracey Knowles

Neat personalised item for a gift


Will Mason

More fonts please and you need to allow more letters for initials and nicknames. Otherwise its a nice idea and nice quality.

Stuart Marwick

Simple but nice and attractive personalised touch.

john macaulay

Sandra Williams

The silver initials were very impressive. Had to zoom in though to check what colour the Snakehive logo was on the pastel peach iPhone case so that everything matched!!

Katie Clarke

Understated and classic monogram

Simon Hackney

Very good quality worth the wait

vincent holly

Initials a bit small

Ann Doyle

Wanted three initials! Why not offered?


Great addition, well worth the additional cost

Karlynne Sellstrome

Not the best. The case scratches if placed in my bag or how I hold it leaving marks, even when taking extra care. Needs to be more secure when in case. Collects dust easily on the inside. Top cover leaves marks on the phone screen. Apart from that it’s sturdy. If I thought it was going to mark as easy as this, I may have chosen a different colour with a different texture. Excellent delivery time,

Brian Warbrick

Having made the right choice and spent your hard earned cash on a brilliant well presented phone case there’s only one more thing to do and that’s have it personalised with your initials in a choice of colours. I do however have one minor grump Regarding Snakehive’s website although there are details regarding this option I couldn’t find any examples of lettering or colours of. So since I had bought the Vintage Chestnut Brown I reckoned the ‘Rose Gold’ could look good and on receipt it does. Now they probably won’t thank me for this but to give you an example of the company customer relations they offer a ‘two letter’ initial embossing for the small additional cost however I wanted my three initials on my case so after I enquired if this was possible it was agreed. Of course it will always depend on space available and I’m sure if this will be regularly accommodated. Again it’s well worth the money. Go for it!



Solveig Nielsen


Looks good. Would be nice if we could order personalized initials in different fonts.

Mashood Baderin

Excellently done, but it would be welcome if you give customers the option to choose which angle of the case they want the personalised initials to be printed.

Stuart Blumberg

My wife was thrilled with her initials on the case.

Jean-Marie Goemaere


Anne Hogg

Stylish love it ❤️

john wilsher

Frank Mitchell

Snakehive put my initials on my new cover, it looks very professional, I’m very impressed.

Steven Brown

Great product