Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector



After investing in the latest mobile phone, it makes sense to protect it from key scratches and clumsy drops. Our Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector shields your mobile from life’s bumps in the road.

Engineered with a 9H hardness rating, tougher than plastic alternatives, it has excellent screen clarity, is scratch-resistant, and touch responsive. 

Much like your favourite super-hero, if you drop it, it’ll swoop in and sacrifice itself instead of your screen.

Why it’s great

We understand that when you splurge on the latest mobile phone, you’ll need to protect it. When it comes to defence, we’re tough nuts.

  • Heat, cool, remove, repeat. Our tempered glass screen protectors are made by repeatedly heating then quickly cooling the glass. These additional multi-layers add strength, making it rock hard.
  • The 9H glass hardness rating prevents nasty screen scratches, so you can see who you’re dialling.
  • HD clarity means it’s touch-responsive and maintains screen transparency. A bit like the Invisible Man; you’ll never know it’s there.
  • Anti-shatter film layer – tempered glass crushes into tiny pieces on impact, absorbing the impact without the fallout. Lesser screen protectors can damage your phone when shattered.
  • The Oleophobic coating (oil and water-resistant to us laymen) means less grubby fingerprints clouding your screen.

How to install

Once installed, we want your screen protector to act like an invisible bodyguard; there to silently defend, without hassle.

Before installing, watch this simple demo on how to correctly install your tempered glass screen protector.

Make sure your screen registers your fingerprint once the tempered glass is installed. You need it to download all those apps and more!

If your mobile phone has a setting which alters touch-screen sensitivity, make sure that you change this to up the sensitivity before applying the screen protector.


Oleophobic properties

The Snakehive Premium Tempered Glass screen protector protects your phone screen and provides a smooth finish.

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